#150: The Path to the Dome

Or, at least, it used to be the Dome. Technically, it still is.

Now known as the Rogers Centre, the stadium formerly known as Skydome opened in 1989. The stadium was heralded as state-of-the-art at the time thanks to being the first of its kind with a fully-retractable roof (or dome). It also contains a hotel (with some rooms facing the field) and is home to both a professional baseball and football team.

I spent many summers in my youth with my father at the Dome (as many still call the stadium) watching Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays battle it out for the AL East crown, the division championship and, on two occasions, the World Series. When I entered adolescence and the JAys weren’t playing so well, my friends and I would take the subway to the ballpark and as a result pass through a long atrium that some call the “Skywalk” and others call “the walkway that leads to the Skywalk.”

Either way, this long, cavernous, glass-roofed, tile-floored walkway always captured my attention. The ceiling let the last sun rays of the day creep in and the floor to ceiling windows allowed for an elevated view of Front Street in downtown Toronto. When I was a child the walkway also housed various shops, restaurants and sports stores. Nowadays the area is under constant renovation, but I managed to snap a few shots there the last time I was in the neighbourhood.

It’s funny, but somewhat plain-looking space really holds a lot of significance for me. As a teen, it was one of the first places I went without my parents and any supervision. The glass walls and ceiling kind of remind me of how I felt at the time — they gave me a glimpse of the freedom I craved but still kept me safely confined and protected from the elements in the outside world.

Perhaps I’m over-thinking it. Perhaps it’s just a walkway. Perhaps it’s more. Either way it’s a place that brings back good memories. And that’s never a bad thing.

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