Montreal Graffiti Art

I came across this building while walking through Montreal a few months ago. It’s just off Rue St. Catherine, not far from Rue St. Laurent. I’m not sure if it’s an homage to a specific person or just a beautiful piece of art, but anyone who doesn’t think that graffiti art has a place in civic life is sorely mistaken. I’d take the vibrant colours and creative passion that went into this artwork over the cold, plain, glass and steel walls of the countless condos popping up like acne all over Toronto any day.

In a city like Montreal or Toronto, there’s enough space for the condos and the creative/created space to co-exist (and while codes can be creative, in the great development race that has engulfed Toronto they rarely are) but it seems like we’re being overrun with the former at the expense of the latter.

Whoever created the above artwork, congratulations. You did a fantastic job.


2 thoughts on “Montreal Graffiti Art

  1. anonymousfemalemtl

    Great photo & great graffiti art. This mural is paying homage to Montrealer Paul Frappier (a.k.a. BNB – Bad News Brown) musician, harmonica artist who’s life was tragically cut short just a few years back. Murderer still at large. Knew Paul/ BNB personally.. he was a great guy with a great sense of humour, a big heart and majorly talented. A really unfortunate loss. Montreal is an amazing city.


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