Inside Union Station During the Storm

Union Station, Toronto, Photography, Street Photography, Mike Crisolago

I had my camera with me at the Hockey Hall of Fame in downtown Toronto for an event one evening last week, so as I headed home I decided to drop into Union Station on the way home to take a few photos. I’ve tried to take shots in Union Station before, inspired by the great shots I’ve seen of beautiful train stations from Union to Grand Central, but for some reason they’ve never turned out.

That evening, however, there was a different atmosphere inside the station. Outside the snow was falling quite hard and inside the mood was drowsy and slow, as if the weather had caused everyone to flee the downtown core early to head home. There were only a few souls left, slouched in chairs and wearily looking up at the train arrival times.

I didn’t have a tripod so I just backed up as far as I could, leaned against a wall, and started shooting. As well, since I’ve always tried to take shots from the west end of the station, since the big window on the east wall allows for great images of the sunlight coming in during the day, and my shots have never come out as I hoped, I tried shooting from the east end looking west. I like the result much more than I’ve ever liked my shots of Union Station in the past, so perhaps the change in location is key for me.

I’ll post more shots from that evening soon. Some are already up on my online photography portfolio.


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