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Bastard Type

Bastard Type is a page design term. It’s also a personal outlet for my journalistic work, interviews, and interests (which generally include variations on the topics of writing, photography, travel, history and exploration).

I have absolutely no political affiliations or ulterior motives other than to be honest, engaging and factual to the best of my ability. Isn’t that what you expect from a journalist?

As well, on this site I speak for myself only. If you agree or disagree, more power to you. I don’t judge. As long as we get the discussion started, we’ve made headway.


FOCUS 365 is a personal project as well as a visual supplement to Bastard Type.

For one year, I will post a photo of mine each day that has some personal or significant meaning. My posts will appear in no particular order. (Note: FOCUS 365 began on January 1st, 2011 as a separate blog. On January 7th, 2011, the project was moved to Bastard Type)

If you want to know why I’m doing this, it’s mostly to put some positivity back out into the world. I’ve been as guilty as anyone when it comes to getting frustrated and venting online, so I want to go back to being constructive.  It’s also an opportunity for me to attempt to constantly better my writing and photography.

Thanks for checking out the site.



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