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Someone Forgot to Spell Check Halloween

Halloween, Dollar StoreI had to post this because I can’t believe there was a full basket of these Halloween ornaments at the Dollar Store I happened into over the weekend. Have you ever encountered a ghost that said “Doo”?


Washing Machines — Lids Up

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, every time I passed this laundromat I had this incredible urge to take a photo of the machines. I think it has something to do with my OCD and the fact that they’re all lined up in such a perfect sequence. Their lids are also almost always up in a row like they are in this shot. Usually when I’d walk by with a camera there’d be people in there doing their laundry and I’d let them be and not stick a camera in their faces as they folded their unmentionables. One evening when I passed by the place was empty and I started shooting. This image, with the lids and coin slots all in a row against the backdrop of the pale blue wall, was my favourite.

Shortly after I finished, a man came in to wash his socks. I left him in peace to do so.