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Leaving the Grind Behind….

Photo copyright Hostopia

Perhaps my favourite shot I took during my time as a professional photographer. I came up with the concept of the mane undressing as he crosses the beach, tossing aside his work clothes to lay with his partner in the hot, topical sand.

Of course, the sand was neither hot, nor topical. It was September and this is Ashbridge’s Bay in Toronto. With some creative editing I think we made it look alright.

For more images feel free to check out my online portfolio.


Erin Sells Sea Shells

Photo copyright

This is a shot of a real trooper. Toronto-based glamour model Erin English took part in a beach shoot for a client who needed the photos ASAP. Unfortunately for Erin, it was September and the blue waters of Lake Ontario, while looking somewhat tropical after edits, are actually quite cold. In between takes she’d run up onto the sand and wrap herself in two blankets to keep warm. To her credit, however, she never complained and was always ready to jump back in the water when needed.

There’s another post about our shoot here, and for more images feel free to check out my online portfolio.


This is a shot of Rachel Sellan, a Toronto-based model I worked with a few years ago on a commercial photography shoot. I was going through some of my old work shots recently and decided to take a shot at editing them in a different way than I would for the clients I was shooting them for. As well, such as in the case of this shot, I used some outtakes and edited them in a way that I ended up liking them.

Over the next few posts I’ll put up a few more older work shots. As well, for more images feel free to check out my online portfolio.

Merideth on a Train Part Two

I’ve always known that the day would come when my niece Merideth would get fed up with me sticking a camera in her face all the time. That day may have finally arrived when we rode the “train” through High Park in Toronto one day this summer. Even when she looks annoyed, she’s still so darn beautiful.

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