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Duck Out of Water

Duck, Toronto, Harbourfront, Mike Crisolago

A few weeks ago, walking along Toronto’s harbourfront, I was approached by a curious little duck who proceeded to stare up at me before taking some time to chew on my shoelace.

Luckily, I had my camera on my and started to take a few shots as this little guy tried to figure out what this clicking machine that I stuck in his face was. He was a great subject too — he seemed to pose every time I wanted to take a shot. I guess it was a duck version of “blue steel.”Β Duck, Toronto, Harbourfront, Mike Crisolago

I left after a few minutes to run to the store, but when I returned a passing dog had scared him away and I was left standing with a loaf of bread and no fowl to feed. That meant a lot of sandwiches for the next week or so. And with every corned beef or tuna and cheese, I thought of him.Duck, Toronto, Harbourfront, Mike Crisolago



The Dog Barber

This is another shot that I’ve posted before, but since I re-edited it I figured I’d put it up again. We spotted this gentleman on our travels through Rome, outside of a residence on Vicolo del Cedro. He held his dogs with one hand while he trimmed their fur with a pair of scissors in the other, leaving little piles of curls on the cobblestone below. I wonder if those dogs knew how bad it could have turned out for them if they were to fidget or move suddenly during their trim.

Kissing Kitties Redux

As I said yesterday, I’ve re-edited some of my photos from my Italy trip and will be reposting Β a few here. This is one of them. From my photo essay on The Cats of Largo Argentina in Rome, these are the first two felines I had the pleasure of shooting as they were going in for a peck.

A Horse, Of Course

A Quebecois horse, to be specific. I suppose that would make it a cheval.

This beautiful creature was refueling in the heart of the old city of Quebec before going back to his day job of pulling tourists through the cobblestone streets in a carriage.

Photographed September, 2011