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Lamps on the Boardwalk

Dufferin Terrace Boardwalk, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Mike Crisolago, Photography

I got lucky here. No tripod. No solid surface to shoot from. Clear evening. The only bench on the Dufferin Terrace Boardwalk that wasn’t occupied. A camera that has a tendency to shoot less than crisp images.

Shot on a recent trip to Quebec City. The city never fails to inspire.


Midnight Along the Dufferin Terrace Boardwalk and Chateau Frontenac

(Click on photo for full size)

In a city of historic buildings and cobblestone streets, one in which the roots of our country run more deeply than almost any other, it’s quite a feat for a simple wooden boardwalk to stand out.

Quebec City’s Dufferin Terrace Boardwalk benefits from its position next to the Chateau Frontenac, along the St. Lawrence River and overlooking the Quartier Petit Champlain. In any other part of any other city it may just be a nice, wide, long wooden foot path. In Quebec City, however, it’s an iconic promenade and one of my favourite places to spend an afternoon.

Geography aside, the boardwalk is both huge and multi-functional. In warmer months, the Dufferin Terrace is populated by street performers, musicians, vendors and sightseers alike. Aside from the breathtaking view, there are gazebos to relax under and adjacent green hills to spread out on. Take a walk up the stairs that lead north of the promenade and you end up on the historic Plains of Abraham or head south to one of the most beautiful streets in the entire country. In the winter the boardwalk offers sledding and rolling your own stick of (locally gathered) maple syrup off a bed of snow, just to remind you that you’re still in Canada.

On the evening I took this photo, it was late and we were walking east toward the Chateau Frontenac for a stroll before heading back to our hotel. There were still lots of other people there enjoying the mild autumn weather and the gorgeous evening view across the St. Lawrence.

This photo was taken without a tripod, so essentially I was just holding my breath and trying to stand as still as I could. I took a bunch during the day as well, so I’ll post those when they’re edited. Until then, I strongly suggest you consider visiting Quebec City and the Dufferin Terrace Boardwalk at some point. Whether in the sunshine or snow, evenings in the glow of the Chateau Frontenac or afternoons filled with revelry and song, you will not regret your trip to la belle Provence.