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Duck Out of Water

Duck, Toronto, Harbourfront, Mike Crisolago

A few weeks ago, walking along Toronto’s harbourfront, I was approached by a curious little duck who proceeded to stare up at me before taking some time to chew on my shoelace.

Luckily, I had my camera on my and started to take a few shots as this little guy tried to figure out what this clicking machine that I stuck in his face was. He was a great subject too — he seemed to pose every time I wanted to take a shot. I guess it was a duck version of “blue steel.”Β Duck, Toronto, Harbourfront, Mike Crisolago

I left after a few minutes to run to the store, but when I returned a passing dog had scared him away and I was left standing with a loaf of bread and no fowl to feed. That meant a lot of sandwiches for the next week or so. And with every corned beef or tuna and cheese, I thought of him.Duck, Toronto, Harbourfront, Mike Crisolago



Harbourfront Wind

An afternoon wind along the harbourfront in Toronto.

Photographed 2011

Toronto’s Harbourfront at Sunrise

A few weeks ago, while awaiting an early morning ferry to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport along Toronto’s harbourfront, I thought I’d snap a few photos of the sunrise across Lake Ontario and the islands. There are times when this city frustrates me to no end. There are also days like this, that remind you how wonderful it can be. Paint it with a pink and orange sunrise and watch it glow.

#108: Sunset Sailing Around Toronto’s Islands

I took this shot of a sailboat navigating the waters around Toronto’s islands last year. It was actually Canada Day, at dusk, before the Harbourfront fireworks display. I can’t wait for this weather to return and to enjoy one of the most beautiful parts of the city again.

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