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Lollipops on the Train (A True Story)

Photo courtesy of Benurs - Learning and learning... via Flickr (CC)

I saw this really sweet, genuine situation play out on the subway after work the other day and I’ve been meaning to write about it. This is all 100% true, which is why I want to share it:

An upbeat, joyful girl, probably around 22 or so, came walking through our crowded subway car during rush hour, handing out lollipops to strangers. She was sweet and trying to spread a little happiness to us weary commuters. She approached a really timid, somewhat lonely looking guy and asked him if he wanted one. Being that she was very beautiful and clearly very forward, the guy looked away shyly and shook his head.

She moved on, sitting at the other end of the car went and began talking with some other people she just met and gave lollipops to. After a few subway stops the really timid guy got up and walked across the car and over to the girl. In front of all the people gathered around he reached into his jacket, pulled out a large Dairy Milk bar, and handed it to her. She was overjoyed and thanked him. All the people she was sitting with applauded his effort and she was beaming with happiness. You could tell it took all his courage to make that simple but bold move. The guy then went back to his original seat without saying a word to the girl or anyone else. He didn’t stop smiling all the way to his stop, and neither did many of the previously grumpy commuters, including myself.

Two strangers on a crowded train during rush hour in the big city, offering gifts without asking for or expecting anything in return. Brilliant.


The Mime Finally Finds Love….Then Acts Somewhat Inappropriately

Last week I published a post entitled Mimes Need Love Too about a mime in Quebec who was snubbed by a young woman during a street festival. When the woman chose another suitor to share her affection with the heartbroken mime began to pantomime the embrace he missed out on, at which point I pulled out my camera to capture the whole sad affair. I felt sort of like a mime paparazzi, stealing an emotional, private moment from his life that unfortunately played itself out in public.

I received a lot of messages and tweets about that post and the accompanying image, mostly from people feeling very sorry for the mime. I thought that this week, then, I should publish an image of the follow-up. Shortly after losing his love to the mascot for TD Bank, the mime move on and approached a woman who, evidently, was quite enthusiastic to dance with him. The dance started well, with the mime acting like a perfect gentleman. However, he couldn’t contain himself and what began as a romantic slow dance degenerated into…well….this.

Maybe it wasn’t love this mime was looking for after all.