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#88: Canadian Graffiti

The above is a montage of graffiti shots I took in Riverdale Park in Toronto. I’m a fan of most street art and the wall where each of these lyrics and phrases were found caught my eye from afar.

Most of the writing is downcast and generally gloomy. However, I think the confessions of heartache and confusion posted to a public wall via Sharpie is in a sense a very primal way to release the feelings that can weigh on one’s soul. As far as I saw the scribblings were anonymous. Also, some may be song lyrics that I’m not aware of. I think, though, that the overarching point is that whoever scrawled these words onto this wall was letting go of something deep within themselves that they’ve been carrying around a long time. Hey, our earliest ancestors wrote on cave walls to communicate about the world around them and how they felt. It’s a tried and true method.

Of course, I could be wrong. These phrases and lyrics may be nothing more than a person or persons writing for the sake of being seen. Either way, I thought that some of them were poignant or clever expressions of a range of emotions that deserved to be shot and preserved. So here they are. If you know of any local haunts near you where there’s some clever or poetic street art/scrawls to be found, let me know. If it’s worth the time to write it, it may be worth the time to preserve it.

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