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Sad Elmo

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Poor Elmo needs a hug too.

I shot this in Times Square, New York City, from across the street while waiting for the light to change. Before the photo, Elmo was  hugging an admirer and by the time I crossed the street he was heading deeper into the heart of TImes Square with fans in tow. It was just this instant when his body language, posture, and expression made the scene possible. Alvin’s beady eyes as he gets a hug added to what appears to be Elmo’s anguish.


The 2010 New York Blizzard: For some a winter wonderland, for others a frozen hell


The Mad Hatter always enjoys Wonderland, even in a snowy Central Park. (Photo by Mike Crisolago)

On Boxing Day 2010, New York City experienced the sixth worst blizzard in its recorded history. I was fortunate enough to be there.

I say I was fortunate because mere hours after arriving in the middle of the afternoon, virtually all commercial travel was halted across the American Northeast. Trains, planes and automobiles all found themselves at the mercy of the weather.

Depending on where you were in New York, the storm either made for somewhat of a winter wonderland or a frozen hell. In the boroughs, some streets were still knee deep in snow three days after the storm. Lives were lost when emergency vehicles couldn’t respond fast enough to calls due to blocked roads. One of those lives was a newborn child only hours old. Parked cars were buried, others were abandoned in the middle of the street, and even some plows were halted in the roads by the mounting snow. Even public transit wasn’t immune. Some passengers were stuck on subway trains for up to eight hours before they were evacuated. By the evening of the storm, public transit was shut down altogether.

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