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“What light through yonder window breaks….”

Toronto, Distillery District, Window, Lights, Cobblestone, Collection

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” — Aaron Rose

A collection of shots I took in the Distillery District, Toronto


Florence Windows (and an apology)

I have to apologize. I’ve been posting extremely sporadically over the last few weeks and so I’ll have to play catch up in the coming days. The reason for this, at least, is a good one: a few weeks ago I was hired by Zoomer magazine as their new associate editor! My journalistic goal has always been to work in magazines and now I’m working at a fantastic one with a really great team. When I started, however, they were in the middle of a production cycle so I was quite tired when I finished work and not always able to get on here to write. Anyway, now that I’m getting used to the schedule I will catch up on the posts I missed and then I should be posting pretty regularly after that.

Speaking of posting and catching up, I’m going to be posting a collection of images from a trip I took to Italy with Kristina a year or so ago. I recently had a chance to edit them a bit more professionally than they were before so I thought I’d share them here and on my online photography portfolio. Most of them have never been posted on here before, and if they have it’s because they are edited considerably better than they were the first time I put them up. For as many as possible I’ll share some backstories on the images, where they were taken and any interesting circumstances surrounding them.

The first in the collection is this one I took in Florence, Italy. I love the old-fashioned window shutters and the yellow of the building, and I got lucky that the lady in the top left corner happened to be hanging out of her window as she chatted on the phone. Let me know what you think.